AUKIN LLC - Lighting and Interior Designer

Yasmina Moore

Andrea Marcovich is a Lighting and Interior Designer -

In her own words: "Our firm is dedicated to innovating designs, creating atmospheres, elaborating and directing projects,  producing contexts for the mood your event needs. Our work has familiarized with the best way to handle all solutions: Family settings, environments for sales and business, for cultural event, hotels, embassies and other official government facilities.

For over 25 years, we have been directing and coordinating diverse task groups, shaping the project our client has in mind.

Where having impact and being bold are what make dreams come true..."

Bionic Plumbing Corp

Christopher Robulock


-Pre 1980 homes normally will have an older style drainage piping, for instance "Cast Iron piping" for the home.  A sewer video camera to inspect the condition of the drainage piping is highly recommended to ensure the house you are buying will not require any major work.

-Things to inspect in the Bathroom(s)/Kitchen when checking for leak(s), the first sign is "is there a humid smell?" The cabinets, Is there swelling at the base of the cabinets? Is the base of the cabinet sagging? If you answered yes to any of these questions there is a leak going on!!

-The Most neglected area in the bathroom is the Stand-Up shower and Bathtub- The base of the Shower/Bathtub will develop signs of mold or tiles getting loose and the normal thing to do is the clean it and/or reattach the tiles, but if that sign of mold comes back!  That is a sign of a water leak or water intrusion of some kind and that should be checked by a Professional!!

-Want to save up 30% on your utility bill with plumbing!?!?!   Convert you conventional tank style heater to a tankless hot water heater, Both natural/propane gas and electric have tankless style heaters for any size house.  The tankless heater works "only" when you turn on a hot water fixture and the tank style heater works all day to keep that water hot, even when you are at work or sleeping!!

-"You get what you pay for" -we have all heard this term used before and it is a fact when it comes to buying plumbing fixtures!! Buying a inexpensive store brand fixture will look nice at the store and on day one, but the parts are more than likely to fail within the first year or the finish of the faucet will tarnish.  Unfortunately, you will probably end up not finding the repair parts for that faucet and you will end up buying a new faucet.  Buying a quality fixture will have the following; longevity, easy maintenance and lifetime warranty on parts and finish.

Dagel Financial, Inc

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Daniel Elie, CFP® practitioner, LLM, MBA

Free Tips From Daniel Financial:

There are really 4 ways to invest in mutual funds:

1- Through an advisor affiliated with a Broker/Dealer or Bank, with a sales charge that typically averages 3% to 5% on the amount invested. The account is also charged an annual internal expense of 1% to 2%.

2- Through an Asset (Money) Manager which charges a fee based on the total of assets under his management. The fees may start as high as 2% and usually go down as the balances go up. The fee is assessed every year and you only get advice on the assets under management. There will also be some internal expenses that vary depending on the investment vehicles selected.

3- With the advice of an Hourly Advisor who can help you design the appropriate investment portfolio with the lowest cost and lowest risk. The products he recommends have no sales charges and very low internal expenses of approximately ¼% to ½%. In addition, you get advice on your overall financial situation and not just on the investment products.

4- Finally you can do it yourself where you may save the sales charges or upfront fees. However, you better have the knowledge, experience and most importantly the time needed to follow the markets and economic events to make the right decisions from now until you completely use up all your investment assets.

Which option do you think will increase your chances of reaching your goal while lowering your cost and risk?

Dagel Financial provides financial advice on an hourly basis only and can help you come up with a low cost, low risk investment plan. If you aren’t comfortable implementing your current advisor’s recommendations, if you don’t have an advisor but need investing or rolling over some money into an IRA or if you aren’t sure you can make the right decision on your own, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.

A word from Marina: This guy has saved me a lot of money in funds fees and advisory fees. He provides a unique service that few -to none- of his peers provide. He maintains my portfolio on target within my risk tolerance allocation.

Dunham Insurance Services

Joseph Anthony


Joseph Anthony has been a property and casualty insurance agent with Dunham Insurance Services for nearly 10 years. Joseph's specialty is Homeowner's Insurance and his philosophy is "to provide the best quality insurance at a competitive price." His goal is to take care of all of your insurance needs. He prides himself on his professionalism and customer service.

E-Z General & Roofing Contractors Inc


Roof Inspections

A roof inspection should be done by a licensed roofing contractor and it should include not only the roof, but also the parapets, flashings and drainage system. A knowledgeable professional will present you with a detailed report of conditions they found, including photographs and a sketch of the roof indicating the problem areas.

The cost of a roof inspection is minor when compared to the cost of repairing or replacing your roof, and should be considered as a wise investment and preventive measure. It is a lot better and cost effective to find potential leaks and related damages before they become real problems and turn into major repair bills.

Law Offices of Robin L. Bodiford, P.A.

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Robin L. Bodiford

Wills -Trusts - Bankruptcy Attoney

Power of Attorney? Revocable Living Trust?  Pre-need Guardian Designation?

 Everyone should have a durable power of attorney for finances assuming that they have a spouse, domestic partner, friend, or relative on whom they can depend to manage their finances in the event that they should become unable to do so.  That being said, the durable power of attorney can be voided by court order if you have motivated blood relatives who think they are more qualified than your chosen care giver to handle your finances if you become incapacitated.  Many states have statutes on the books that deem any person “related to you by blood or marriage” to be preferred as your legal guardian over an “unrelated individual,” even if he or she has been your domestic partner for years.  In your state it may be possible for you to name your partner as your pre-need guardian or conservator and in that manner make it more likely that in the event of an incapacity proceeding your partner will be named as your legal guardian.  That being said, if you have significant assets, or relatives you fear would interfere, by far the safest way to avoid trouble is to place your assets in a revocable living trust.  It is very difficult to “bust a trust,” and as a rule, pesky relatives are after your money, and really not all that concerned about who is doing the care giving.

 What about the house?

  While upon the disability of one partner jointly held financial and investment assets often pose an  immediate concern, a jointly held homestead residence will be treated differently in most states.  The healthy partner will likely be allowed to reside in the jointly owned home undisturbed, however, upon sale, or the death of the second partner, the state may seek to re-coup the financial assistance provided from the proceeds or estate of the second owner.   

Lorene Seeler Young P.A.

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Lorene Seeler Young

Closing Attorney

Lorene Seeler Young is an experienced Real Estate attorney specializing in all aspects of real estate law: closings, contract review, litigation, foreclosure, title problems, and also practices in the area of probate and trust administration.   Ms. Seeler Young has been actively working in the real estate field for over 25 years, for lawyers and title companies, and as a licensed title examiner, prior to receiving her law degree from Nova South Eastern University.   

Lorene Seeler Young is a sole practitioner, admitted to the Florida Bar in 2006, who is located in Broward County City of Davie, Florida and who prides herself in providing a “true customer service experience” to her clients.

Supreme Lending

Dennis Hearing - Loan Officer, NMLS #892525

Mortgage Advisor

With his finance background, Dennis Hearing's experience, dynamic personality and the highest level of integrity, places him in the top category of excellence.

Marina Sarabia says: Dennis has closed many loans for our buyers. He over deliverers and under promises. I have entrusted him with family members and every time he delivers.

Weston Moving & Storage

Tom Quick

Moving Company and Storage

"Weston Moving & Storage" is a locally owned moving company with over 3 generations of experience!

We are fully licensed & insured and, carry an "A" rating with the "Better Business Bureau".

Plus, we offer special rates and specials to ALL "Keller Williams" clients!  Just tell Tom you've been referred from your agent: "Marina Sarabia" at "Keller Williams" to get your discounts or specials!  Call now for your FREE estimate!

 Our Services:

-Residential & Commercial Moving Services

-Local, National & Global Service

-Full Packing Service

-Property Clean-Outs

-Full Storage Facility

-Home & Office Cleaning Services

-Home Fix-Ups Service